Simple Canvas Prints review

Simple Canvas Prints ( is another US-based photo-to-canvas artwork printing company. Founded in 2014, they’re relatively new to the canvas printing industry, thanks to their high-quality prints, assortment of options, easy order, and 100% “Love It” guarantee, they have established themselves as a highly reputable company.

Simple Canvas Prints

Why Simple Canvas Prints?

Simple Canvas Prints is committed to providing their clients with superior-quality photo-to-canvas artwork. To that end, they use the most advanced technologies and exceptional products and materials to deliver outstanding results. All inks are fade-resistant to ensure long-lasting results, and there are numerous colors, so your images will be crisp, clear, and will look exactly like the images in your photographs; in fact, thanks to their PerfectPicture Touch-Up technology, which can do everything from remove red eye to erase blemishes, your prints will look even better than your photographs. All images are printed ono premium-quality, highly durable canvas, which is then perfectly stretched and affixed to custom-crafted frames.

With Simple Canvas Prints, you can create your own artwork, or if you need some inspiration, you can consult with one of their professional artists, who will assist you with bringing your vision to life. They also offer several inspirational ideas on their website in various categories and occasions that you can browse through. And, in addition to canvas photos, they also print canvas home décor, including floral patterns, abstract designs, wildlife images, pop art, vintage prints, children’s artwork – and so much more!

Ordering on Simple Canvas Prints is, well, simple! Just select the product you’d like, upload the photo you’d like to print from your computer, Instagram, or Facebook, choose the canvas size and style you’d like, and use their editing tool to make any improvements. Once your order is placed, their experts will get to work producing your artwork. Once your print is produced, they’ll send you a free digital proof so you can see what your artwork will look like when you receive it. And all products are backed by their “100% Love It” Guarantee; whether Simple Canvas Prints makes a mistake or you do and you don’t love your artwork, they’ll fully refund your money; just contact them via the Contact Us page on their website or by giving them a call via their toll-free number: 1-800-900-4244.

The Cons

Despite all of the benefits that Simple Canvas Prints offers, there are some downsides to note. Firstly, the “factor-based prices” they advertise are a bit misleading; they own the factory that their artwork is produced in and don’t outsource, so while yes, they are factory-based, they’re based on their factory, so the prices are pretty high. Also, the advertised “discounts” aren’t really discounts; and if they are, the initial discount-free price would be outrageously expensive.

In addition to the high pricing, shipping times are much too long. It takes about 18 business days to produce prints and another 6 business days to have the finished product delivered, so you could be waiting up to 5 weeks to receive your art. While expedited shipping is available, you have to pay extra for it on top of their already high prices.

The Verdict

While Simple Canvas Prints does offer an assortment of products and outstanding quality, the prices are high and shipping is long. If you don’t mind the price or long shipping times, than you’ll likely be satisfied with their high-quality prints.