About CPR

About Jack Douglas

Hi, my name is Jack. I live in New York City. For over 2 decades I worked as a home decorator for some of the most prestigious firms. My duty was to decorate walls of various guest rooms, hotel rooms and other luxurious properties. I had to deal with many companies that were providing canvas prints, wall art, displays, wallpapers, etc …

My experience is vast when it comes to wall art, canvas prints and interior design in general. In late 2014, I started learning more about internet marketing, website creation, etc … over the next 4 years I learned as much as I could by buying various guides and attending all sorts of conferences …

Now I actually realise that internet marketing is a very powerful thing. In early 2019 I quit my day job as an interior designer even though the payment was really good. I did that because my couple other blogs were making almost as much as my day job so I decided to get involved with my internet business full time. Canvas Print Reviews is not my first blog but I love canvas printing. I think they actually enhance your home. This is exactly why and how this project was born.

About Canvas Print Reviews

This is a blog where I review canvas printing companies and give you my honest and unbiased opinion. This site serves as a site that provides unbiased opinion. Expect some real reviews meaning that some might not be all positive … over the 2 decades of doing business with many companies, I now know exactly what makes them good and what makes them bad. Since I worked in home decor industry, I needed to get prints fast so all of the reviews will be affected by companies’ TAT.