Canvas Print Reviews

Looking for canvas print reviews? In this day and age, when print-on-demand is trending, no wonder that there are a lot of people wondering which canvas printing company is best. As someone who worked with dozens of such companies, I am very proud to represent my unbiased and honest canvas print reviews. Do not expect me to sugar coat any of these companies. The point of this website is to let people know which canvas printing companies are best.

Canvas Print Reviews

Why my canvas print reviews?

OK, maybe you don’t know me and you don’t know why you should listen to me … I understand. My name is Jack and I used to work as an interior designer in New York for some of the largest and most prestigious firms. So I was the one making sure that walls were decorated properly so I deal with many companies that provide wallpapers, wall art and canvas prints. Couple years ago I would order hundreds of prints on weekly basis around the world (yep, companies I worked for were quite international).

This job allowed me to try out many canvas printing companies – big and small from all over the world. We dealt mainly in the US and Europe so I tried US, UK and even Germany based canvas printing companies.

Our reviews

So without further ado, I would like to start.

  • Parrot Print – probably one of the best companies I had to deal with – very professional and super fast turn around times (2 working days all the way from the UK to the US). You can read my Parrot Print review here.
  • Easy Canvas Print – one of the largest canvas printing companies. Amazing prints but super long turn around times. Read Easy Canvas Print review here.
  • Canvas Champ – great America-based prints company with long deliveries. Read our Canvas Champ review here.
  • Simple Canvas Print – great canvas printing company but their prices and turn around times are too ridiculous. Read Simple Canvas Prints review here.
  • Canvas HQ – great family-run company with exceptional quality prints. However, they delivery isn’t 2 days as they state … read our Canvas HQ review here.
  • Canvas Discount – one of the best US based canvas printing companies but,as with most of these companies, deliveries are a bit too long. Read our Canvas Discount review here.
  • Canvas Pop – one of the better Canadian based printing companies with outrageous TAT. Read our Canvas Pop review here.