Parrot Print review

Parrot Print ( is a UK-based printing company that specialises in photo-to-canvas printing. Launched by professional photographers who have an in-depth understanding of photography and are passionate about art, the company strives to meet the needs of their customers and exceed their expectations. With their extremely affordable pricing, super-fast delivery times, superior-quality canvas prints, and a 100% money back guarantee, it’s no wonder why Parrot Print is regarded as a leading canvas printing service.

Parrot Print review

Why Parrot Print?

Unlike most other canvas printing companies, Parrot Print was founded by experienced photographers who have and an in-depth technical understanding of photographs and a strong eye for art. After realising that the majority of photo-to-canvas printing companies out there offered sub-par products, the founders of Parrot Print wanted to offer a better option for people who were interested in turning their photographs into artwork.

What makes Parrot Print different than other canvas printing companies? It’s their committed to excellence. In order to produce the highest quality products, they use the most durable products and advanced technologies. They use pigment inks that produce the brightest colours and impeccable quality to print photographs to life; and since the inks are 100-year+ fade-resistant, your artwork will retain its vibrancy for years to come.

All photos are printed on 420gsm heavyweight archival-grade canvas and are affixed to custom-made frames that are constructed of 38mm European pine. To ensure vibrancy and fade resistance, all prints are hand-laminated with archival-certified satin print varnish; this varnish also provides protection from grazes and scuffs. To guarantee the best image quality possible, Parrot Print uses an Automatic Photo Quality Detection algorithm.

Using this company for your canvas printing needs is incredibly easy. You can print images that you have saved on your hard drive and photos that you’ve taken on your phone; you can also print images that have been posted on social media platforms, such as Instagram and Facebook. Thanks to their mobile-friendly website, you can order custom-made canvas artwork right from your smartphone, tablet, or any other mobile device. Once you upload your photo, you can select the format you’d like, choose a size for your print (they offer several different sizing options), crop your image, and even choose from a variety of borders.

With Parrot Print, you’ll receive your high-quality artwork fast. Prints are delivered within 2 to 3 business days from the UK to US. Orders placed within the UK by 12:00 midday are delivered by the next business day completely for free. The company offers outstanding customer support and a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

The Cons

There are only two downsides to Parrot Print:

  • They can’t produce prints that are more than 1 meter (36”)
  • They don’t print collages

The Verdict

With their super-fast delivery, extremely affordable prices, outstanding customer support, money back guarantee, simple ordering, extremely fast delivery, outstanding craftsmanship, and super-sharp, long-lasting prints, Parrot Print is one of the best photo-to-canvas printing services around. We highly recommend this canvas printing company.